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Should you renovate your new home?

Unless you’re buying a brand-new home, you may find that there are changes you’d like to make after you move in.

Maybe there aren’t enough outlets in the home office space, or there’s a pedestal sink in the bathroom where you’d prefer cabinets for storage.

Whatever the update, diving in right away might not be the right move. If you’re considering making renovations to your newly purchased house, here’s why you may want to hold off.


You can take time to save up

Home renovations can be costly, and since you just spent money to buy the house, taking on a project right after move-in could cause financial strain. Take some time to plan out your updates, get quotes and budget for the updates. This will ensure you can cover the costs with a lot less stress.

You may change your mind

Unless the updates you want to make will improve safety, it’s always smart to give yourself some time in the home before making changes. You might find that certain areas of the home don’t bother you as much as you expected them to — or you may identify updates that are more important to you. 

You deserve a break

Buying a house, moving and unpacking are big undertakings. Give yourself some time to just enjoy your new home before adding more to your plate. Then, you can plan out your projects with a clear head and less stress.


Finding a home that feels like a good fit can also take time. Get in touch today for expert help with your home search.

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